SOS emergency call box GSM
  • SOS emergency call box GSM

SOS emergency call box GSM

SOS emergency call box GSM
Easy to use and autonomous
Without Subscription / without Commitment


GSM SOS emergency call box allows you to make one or more emergency calls (voice call and or SMS).

Ultra simple use for the elderly, disabled people, children, community space, public space, workplace, retirement home, shopping center, home hospitalization, elevator, medical GSM alarm, high school, college, school, town hall….

Press the SOS button to call for help.

The SOS GSM box will then automatically dial one or more numbers to connect the user with a call center or third parties (family, friends).

The assistance can communicate with the user thanks to the microphone and loudspeaker integrated into the box.

It is also possible to call the emergency call box to listen to the environment close to the box and possibly dialogue.

In the event of a power outage, the emergency alert box can operate using its internal battery.

Simple installation and commissioning, it does not need to be connected to a telephone network, a simple SIM card with a voice plan is sufficient for its operation (free mobile plan at €2 compatible), no commitment or subscription required.

This SOS emergency box can be interfaced with our CallCenter MyFleet management platform for communities and professionals (contact us for more information).